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Coming out is not an event, it’s a process.”Everyone travels a different path in coming to terms with her sexuality.It’s always comforting to hear someone like Velez-Mitchell speak candidly about her difficulties and triumphs.She completed her studies from New York University. At present, she is working for CNN’s sister station, Head Line News (HLN). She is best known for her loud, confrontational style of anchoring and her competitive attitude in the industry.She has her own show on the cable, Jane Velez Mitchell. During her initial years of career, she worked as anchor and reporter for KCAL-TV in Los Angeles. She has covered countless high profile stories including Casey Anthony murder trial, Dr.

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You don’t live in the backwoods, you don’t believe the myths about the gay and lesbian lifestyle being a choice. The drumbeat of heterosexuality is strong, and before you know it, you’re swept up in its tide.

She also works as a substitute anchor for the network’s Showbiz Tonight. Conrad Murray manslaughter trial, killing of young man by his self appointed, neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman.

She often makes guest appearances for CNN, Tru TV, and E! The number of viewership soars like anything when she covers such events. Open minded, fearless and extremely outspoken, Jane has an entirely different aura than other journalists in industry. Though of a short height, her accomplishments and her obsession to make an impact in the real world is something unmatchable.

Phil noted that gay teens are four times more likely to commit suicide than their peers.

And gay teens who are rejected and isolated by their families are nine times more likely to commit suicide.“Rather than focusing on what you want the truth to be,” Dr.

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