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Now that Greg Gutfeld is 50, has settled in trendy Tribeca with his beautiful Russian wife and has become a famous Fox News personality who makes a handsome living while mingling with fellow celebrities like Louis C.

K., will he finally shed his self-flagellating misanthropy and go mainstream-corporate?

He mutters a mild complaint when the network publicist informs him that he must hurry to participate in yet another Gutfeld Show-themed interview on the PR schedule.

He has just finished co-hosting an installment of The Five, the raucous 5 p.m.

But no longer, he says, not since publisher Jann Wenner turned it into a vehicle for his political and social agendas.

The bogus University of Virginia rape story is just one symptom of the magazine’s decline, Gutfeld argues.“I hate Rolling Stone—because I loved it so much,” he says.

The day after Letterman’s celebrity-studded swan song last week that ended a 33-year career on late-night television, Gutfeld recalls thinking that it was “basically a parade of famous names before an open casket.”Likewise, Gutfeld—a punk rock fan as a teenager who still likes to write about music on his Gut Check blog—used to voraciously and pleasurably consume Rolling Stone magazine.It is said that they are God gifted couple because they are so close and used to love each other a lot. They haven’t welcomed their child yet but seems like they will be parents soon. Beautiful Mousse was born to Russian parents on May 4, 1982.Currently, she is staying happily with her husband in U. Her nationality is Russian and belongs to European ethnicity.His loss of the top job at Stuff in April 2003, after hiring three dwarves through a casting agency to disrupt an American Society of Magazine Editors seminar on “What Gives a Magazine Buzz,” was spectacular enough to prompt a long profile in The New York Times.The “little people,” as Gutfeld today calls the dwarf-actors—“because I’m not much taller,” he claims—were ejected from the seminar for chomping noisily on fistfuls of potato chips and engaging in earsplitting conversations after letting their cellphones ring and ring.

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