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Though heartbreak is addressed in the Ferry-penned songs “Can’t Let Go” and “When She Walks in The Room” it’s not like the “Don Juan in Hell” subject matter (as Greil Marcus termed it) is foreign to Ferry, nor does he sound especially tortured or vindictive on the LP. Having said that, there is a moment during one of the tracks that makes me wonder if certain of the numbers weren’t selected with Hall in mind for Ferry to “sign,” although though that didn’t occur until after I had checked out the accompanying promo film for Ferry’s cover of Lou Reed’s “What Goes On.” “What Goes On” was originally found on the Velvet Underground’s self-titled third album, and was also issued to radio to promote the LP.One of Lou Reed’s finest three-chord rockers, during live performances it would stretch to epic, transcendent lengths. One minute he’s up, one minute he’s down, then he’s going from side to side, and he’s also upside down.They have four sons together - Merlin, Tara, Isaac and Otis.As 1977 began, Roxy Music frontman Bryan Ferry and model Jerry Hall were engaged.

) The final 90 seconds, with the “I thought that you were my friend” line and “How does it feel, to be loved?Ferry’s version of “What Goes On” is noteworthy for a number of reasons.Even though Ferry’s always been a hip guy, Velvet Underground covers were far from commonplace in 1978.And I guess I was thinking that when I took a song that was by someone else, and did my version of it; that I was adding my stamp to it, my signature.The album, a mix of covers and originals, has been analyzed over the years—perhaps excessively so—as it came about so soon after his split with Hall.

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