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For some, whether it's by comparisons or discounting the validity of the numbers, Westbrook's near-nightly showcase inspires more questions than admiration. Westbrook racks them up at will, piling up the stats almost like he can't help it. In Westbrook's 48 career triple-doubles, the Thunder are 42-6. The two losses were a two-point loss to the Orlando Magic on a buzzer-beater and an overtime loss to the Indiana Pacers.

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In was obvious what had happened, and it wasn't the first time Westbrook had apparently worked for the statistical trinity. "From the bench, he was lobbying the official scorekeeper for an offensive rebound, and after reviewing a replay during a timeout, the scorekeeper obliged, giving him the triple-double before the buzzer sounded.

He has always ranked among the best in the league from the guard position, but this season, he has taken a statistical leap."What makes him a great rebounder," Billy Donovan said, "besides the strength and athleticism, he is great at following the flight of the ball.

He understands where it's going to go and he gets his speed and quickness and athleticism off the floor and into the game because he knows where the ball is going to go."Westbrook's instincts are particularly spectacular. He flows to the rebound, and the Thunder are instantly on the attack."It makes everything faster," Andre Roberson said of Westbrook rebounding.

Then there's the fact, as Donovan points out, that opposing guards don't try to rebound against the Thunder much because they fear Westbrook in transition.

So that gives him free rein to attack the glass."If that was becoming a trend where guards were offensive rebounding against us, we'd pay more attention to that," Donovan said.

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