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The recently opened Quarry Park site at Stonewall, Manitoba represents a refreshing interpretive balance of human, industrial and natural history themes.

These early cultures were present in southern Manitoba between 3,000 and 1,000 B. Some of the plants which these groups knew and used are still common at the site today.The large Visitor Centre, however, carries the bulk of the site’s interpretive message.Exhibits, models and dioramas provide the visitor with information regarding the history of limestone quarrying at Stonewall, the lifestyle of the early quarry workers, the history of the region’s prehistoric native peoples, as well as the geology and natural history of the area.Dominating the landscape are three massive “draw” kilns, as well as the ruins of early “pot” kilns used in the limestone burning process.Developers have facilitated interpretation at the quarry through the use of pathways, outdoor signage, and a small amphitheatre for the presentation of interpretive talks and shows.

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