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Once England lost the American colonies as a convenient dumping ground for convicts, it had to look elsewhere to find a solution to the prison problem.The continent that became known as Australia had been discovered and claimed for England in 1770 by Captain James Cook; upon the suggestion of Cooks naturalist Sir Joseph Banks, this continent on the other side of the world was seen as the ideal place to transport a large portion of the law-breakers.

In the last forty years, Sydney has been transformed from a provincial British colonial outpost to a world-class multicultural city, a central player, as David Dale states in The 100 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Australia (1996), in Australias change from one of the dullest nations on earth to one of the most interesting.While the first years of settlement were anything but flourishing, with deprivation and isolation exacerbated by failure of crops and livestock, inadequate housing, lack of building materials and skilled labour, Captain Phillip undertook the venture with ambitious conscientiousness and fortitude.He bestowed the name Sydney in honour of Thomas Townshend, 1st Viscount Sydney, who was then Home Secretary in the British Cabinet.The spot chosen [at Circular Quay]..at the head of the cove, near the run of fresh water [the Tank Stream], which stole silently along through a very thick wood, the stillness of which had then, for the first time since the creation, been interrupted by the rude sound of the labourers axe...The confusion that ensued will not be wondered at, when it is considered that every man stepped from the boat literally into a wood..spot which had so lately been the abode of silence and tranquillity was now changed to that of noise, clamour,and confusion...

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