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If 53% of white women voted for Trump and 94% of black women voted for Hillary, can women unite in America? In the face of overwhelming challenge, how can we work together to persist, resist, and enact lasting change?

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Samhita Mukhopadhyay is a writer, editor, speaker, and technologist living in NYC. She is a popular speaker and opinion writer and the creator of three books: This event is part of “The Culture of American Womanhood,” a four-part series investigating multiple facets of the experience of womanhood in our own time and probing questions of women’s roles in contemporary American society and culture.I took a really derivative path to finding my voice.Many years of Women’s Studies education and having really amazing mentors over the years helped me cultivate my voice, but the rubber kind of hit the road in the book writing process.Responding to the barrage of conflicting messages about what women should want from relationships and how they should go about getting it, “Outdated” points a finger at obsolete notions about men and women’s innate differences, debunks popular dating myths, and reveals how feminism is not killing romance; rather, with awareness and persistence, it can only help our relationships.talked with her about finding her voice, the shift in women’s traditional roles, and what straight people can learn from the queer community when it comes to dating expectations.

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