Im tired of dating addict personalities

It is now at the point that if he doesn't have xanax he goes into grandmal seizures and this scares the **** out of me. Adicts don't like to here it but deep down he knows he needs help. One reason that he is taking them again is because he lost his job and we just bought a house. I was in control of them for awhile but than one day I was a t work and they came in the mail and I wasn't here so he hid some and it really p**** me off.

He has had one at work (the one day he did work) and one at home and both were days that he hadn't had any sleep or xanax after 2 - days. If he loves his kids than leaving with them might be his rock bottom. Everybody says that he doent need to be on them including my family, his family, and his best friend.

We also fight more as he acts like he's drunk when he takes them I am prescribed xanax for panic disorder and I actually had to take myself off of them so he would quit stealing mine. If you stay please be careful, protect yourself and your kids.

He is steal;ing my money..steals things from the house, borrows from everyone..the one thing I DO know is he loves his children.

We are currently involved with CPS because of a fight we had (while he was on xanax) and I have a 14 yr old from a previous marriage and I have never been involved with CPS.

Things are spiraling out of control and I don't know what to do.

Each time I pick up the pieces of my broken heart I learn a little bit more about who I am, what I deserve, and what I am capable of giving someone.

I can rest my head each night knowing I stayed true to myself, and you can too. Trying to fix someone else chips away at your soul.

Looking back, I saw the flags and never raised questions because my heart was in too deep. So long as we’re willing to acknowledge that and move on, we’ll find the love we’re looking for.Why was I upset about someone whose opinion of me, quite frankly, doesn’t matter?The people whose opinions matter are the ones who have actually stood by me through thick and thin.We are unofficially seperated right now, I've taken off my ring and I just can't deal wioth this anymore. I can't begin to know how hard it will be for you, but if you have tried everything else..... Demestic violence as you know is NOT acceptable on any level and my first and primary concern is for you and your children. He doesn't tak whats on the bottle he takes more and more and more because he says that it don't kick in so he takes more and more. I really don't know what to do about this and we need to get help.He doesn't work and if he does work it's just to make enough money to buy the drugs he needs, our bills are never paid, I am the one who has to hustle to make the bills and rent and we have 4 children or I would have been long gone. Please get help, it might be time to force him to see how bad he is doing. You need support right now just as much as I need air to breathe. I know what it feels like to "know" you should leave someone but you just can't seem to do it because you can't imagine life with out them either. About 4 months age he mixed xanax and beer about 2 cases of beer and my father had to call the sherriff. I love him so much but I'm tired of this and my daughter does not need to be around this. Life sucks and it is just braking my heart into 2 peices and I don't kknow what to do.

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