How to improve dating skills

It's crucial in the Initial Conversation phase to be a good listener .One of women's biggest complaints about men is that all they want to do is talk about themselves.Men who are successful in the dating game don't chase women -- instead, they let themselves be found.You have to go to places where women hang out: health clubs, yoga classes, cooking classes, special interest groups, etc.-- places the same women return to on a regular basis.Places where you can naturally fit in and get noticed by women. Places where you can casually interact with women and let them get to know you and feel comfortable being around you (you become "safe").

To many guys, the skill of decoding body language is a complete mystery, but women are born experts and they can read you like an open book. A woman can say one thing, while her unconscious body language is visibly expressing the complete opposite. So take the time to study this essential dating skill.In fact, you probably won't have to worry about rejection at all because she'll be making herself available to you.All of a sudden, you'll be aware that she's hanging around you, laughing at your jokes, asking questions about you, sending out clear body language messages, and dropping hints about where she and her girlfriends go after work.Others are so obsessed by their sex drives (or so desperate for sex) that they don't even bother trying to get to know a woman and wind up completely turning her off.Women love confidence and can smell desperation a mile away.

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