Arranged mariages and internet dating

Still, the effort was well worth it and made all involved feel blessed from the kindness and generosity that is often demonstrated among Catholic Match members.

I think that as Catholics, in the name of charity and community, we already have a tendency toward connecting people.

If you do get introduced to another member, and it works out, maybe we’ll read about your modern arranged marriage in the member stories!

Cate teaches writing for the City University of New York and is a freelance writer and editor.

Their requirements were to find a "suitable Hindu Nadar girl of Sivaski/ Madurai side origin, preferable employed as a software engineer in Chennai, age between 21 and 24, height 5 feet 2 inches to 5 feet 6 inches, and sufficiently good-looking." She also had to speak Tanai.(4) delivered, and the couple is now married. Hear a young Pakistan woman talk about her arranged marriage,and read Western College kids views.But the fact that these matrimonial sites are so popular points to the fact that more young Indians aren't being set up for marriages by others — most of the users, says Jenkins, are urban, middle-class young Indians. There's nothing saying they have to immediately decide to marry or do so in any time frame.And while the sites are geared toward the marriage-minded, they're not all that different from American dating websites, especially the more relationship-oriented ones. (4) A range of similar sites are doing the same job. Perspectives Watch an interesting video on the subject. View the source of my information, and find out more. Even the regular commercial sites, such as e-harmony, are proving useful for those trying to arrange a marriage. Parents know best, so they should pick your spouse. Everyone wants to be in love, but love can cause pain.

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