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If a patient has a RASS of −4 or −5, the protocol directs the assessor to document UTA.

If the patient has a RASS of −3 to 4, the assessor will continue to determine the patient’s mental status, inattention, and disorganized thinking through as series of questions.

Part of the protocol asks the patient to squeeze the assessor’s hand for every letter “A” in the word SAVEAHAART.

If patients are unable to perform this task, they are assessed with a UTA assessment.

A convenience sample of SICU patients from October 27, 2014, to November 21, 2014, and MICU patients from November 23, 2014, to December 26, 2014, Monday through Friday were enrolled.

A single pharmacist assessed CAM-ICU ratings, and thus a convenience sample was performed to fit the covering pharmacist’s perspective units during the collection period.

In addition, our institution does not have the CAM-ICU readily available for patients who do not speak English, and therefore, a CAM-ICU cannot be assessed and patients should be assessed with a UTA designation.

CAM-ICU patient documentations were recorded as positive, negative, UTA, or not assessed.

Minor endpoints evaluated adherence to CAM-ICU documentations and use of pharmacologic agents for symptoms of delirium.

Sixty-one patients were identified with 45 (74 %) medical, 16 (26 %) surgical, of which 27 (44.3 %) were mechanically ventilated.

There were 116 UTA documentations with 35 (30.2 %) identified as inappropriate.

Of the 906 identified CAM-ICU documentation opportunities, adherence was 439 (48.5 %).

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